Pinnacle 2.0. Altius. Citius. Fortius.

As they say, “Let the games begin!”

The world of sports has been in flux since the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Not only have sports worldwide on professional levels had to assess how they’ll play out their current and upcoming seasons, but the overall industry has had to make sweeping changes that will impact how sports are enjoyed and played for years to come — not only on the professional level, but within communities, and schools too.

We believe that Jaipuria students have kept good health in spite of tough times, and it’s now important to get back to competitive sports with all Covid-19 norms and appropriate behavior. After a hiatus of two years, Pinnacle, the inter Jaipuria sports competition is back, and how. Twice as big, and spread over two legs. First leg, for competitive sports. And, second leg for athletics.

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