We understand the challenges you are likely to face in the initial stage. Whether it is enrollment, day-to-day functioning or retention, our experience and expertise will make the process easy for you. We are committed to offer you holistic support and a true partnership in every sense.

  • Designed by the world renowned architects Romi and Martan Khosla, we give you a detailed architectural manual for development of the school building and other facilities
  • We assist you with approved vendors for technology, school furniture etc. to provide you good quality, cost effective solutions with excellent after sales service
  • Our experts will give suggestions for the interior décor, furnishing and beautification of the school requirements
  • Guidance in raising complete IT infrastructure of the school
  • Support of specialized vendors for educational technologies being used in classrooms, labs etc.
  • Unique school management software to take care of entire school operations
  • Other educational software and contents as per curriculum requirements
  • Guidance towards setting up servers
  • Vendor support for school uniforms, books
  • Visits for school assessment, academic and operational audit
  • Methods and process for functioning of the school as per norms
  • Guidance in getting CBSE/ ICSE affiliation
  • Recruitment process and selection of the Principal
  • Support Principal for recruitment of teachers and senior staff members
  • Induction and training of Teachers/Principal
  • On-site training (once a year) and training via Internet (quarterly) for teachers/staff
  • ‘Train the trainer’ approach for IT staff for handling the ERP
  • Training of marketing & operations team for relationship building & admissions
  • Assistance in framing effective admission strategies and plans as per inputs of your local area
  • Regular mentoring of counsellors for effective admission process
  • Unique city based activations
  • Parenting workshops, counseling sessions and open houses regularly organized
  • Each school gets THREE training on location throughout the year
  • One centralized training conducted to bring together teachers from all locations under one roof
  • Training offered on Jaipuria philosophy, unique pedagogy, classroom management, others
  • Training for Administrative staff for school processes
  • Orientation & hand-holding of management, principal & other stakeholders
  • Internal branding of schools
  • Access to high quality marketing and promotional materials
  • Centralized designing of catalogues, visiting cards, letter heads, advertisements etc
  • Individual school website development & maintenance of other social media platforms
  • Make available advanced curriculum corresponding to CBSE / ICSE
  • Over 24,000 less on plans corresponding to approximately 250,000 pages of plans, worksheets, books
  • Detailed assessment procedure for students
  • Plan for co-curricular and extracurricular activities
  • Constant support for teachers through resources at Jaipuria Corporate Office
  • Manuals / lists for Discipline, Books, Stationery, Literature, Teaching learning material, & so on…




Frequently Asked Questions

Apart from offering a proven legacy of over 3 decades, Jaipuria offers:

  • Legacy and Experience: Support and backing from a proven leader in education;
  • Curriculum Support: Access to some of the best academic material and teaching learning tools in the world;
  • Further Academic Support: Support of our academic team for setting high level academic processes
  • Architectural support: including design manuals and list of vendors
  • Technology support: IT infrastructure, ERP setup and other web related setup
  • Operational support, including detailing of procedures and activities
  • Marketing and promotional support for launch of school, admissions and beyond
  • Recruitment of Principal, teaching and non-teaching staff,
  • Training of employees.

For metro cities

1 acre plus

For Tier 2 cities

Minimum 2 acres

For Tier 3 and 4 cities

Minimum 3 acres

The land should be in an area not too far off from local population to reduce the commute time for children, and away from hazardous industries. Location of the school, accessibility, infrastructure visibility, safety of the neighbourhood, competition presence would be some factors for you.

Yes, you may open a Jaipuria School in a city where there already is another Jaipuria School, subject to our approval based on analysis of not interfering with marketing and operations of the existing school and it does not directly compete with the existing school.

The land should be fit for educational setup; if not, necessary authorities in your local area would need to be contacted for land conversion. As per law, only a Society or Trust or a Company registered under Section 8 may run a school, so you would need to register / lease accordingly. We would be happy to guide you for the same.

In case of leased property, the lease has to be for at least 30 years at the time of application to CBSE/ ICSE Board.

That would depend on size of your plot, location, city, etc. Whilst the figures would vary, we estimate a first phase investment of INR 8-9 crores for setup and running initially. We would be happy to share detailed project report with you at the necessary juncture.

No, you need not do that. As also permitted by Law, we recommend starting off junior school in the first phase, and taking it forward from there. This would ease your admission process, administration, functioning of a new school and also not be a burden on your investment.

You will need recognition and NOC from the state government and the affiliation from the CBSE/ ICSE Board. We will guide you through the process.

We are happy to trust you as a person and organization when we meet. Nonetheless, we would like to have an understanding of your business background before we sign the contract. After our first round of interactions, we would require from you:

  • Filling up of the ‘Expression of Interest’ form that we would provide
  • A brief write-up about your business/ group profile
  • Last 3 years tax return of your existing company
  • Last 3 years balance sheet of your existing company
  • Personal tax return of the main applicant for the last 3 years
  • Details of the land holding in your possession (for purpose of school or otherwise)

We can jointly decide on the fees charged per student once the discussions move forward; School fees has various components such as Tuition fees, Admission Fees, Annual Charges, Development fees, etc. which would also vary as per location of the school.

We will provide list of books, design of uniforms, etc for you along with our choice of vendors. You are welcome to use our vendors or have your own, provided standards set by the company are met.

This would depend on the location and your existing setup; we estimate anything between 3 months to 12 months as broad time frame for you to get rolling. No. of students would depend on your location.

We will be hands-on with you for the first round of hiring. We will do their training as well.

Not at all, we work with transparent policies and there is absolutely no hidden cost. Trust or a Company registered under Section 8 may run a school, so you would need to register / lease accordingly. We would be happy to guide you for the same.

Yes, it is a possibility. Contact us for further details and discussion about this.

Feel free to contact us to schedule a visit for you at our school or Corporate Office.

One-time Franchise / Upfront/ Sign-up fees has to be paid at the time of signing of Letter of Intent (LOI) post site visit, background check and discussions, and has to be fully paid before signing of the Agreement.

The sign-up fees and service fees payable and paid is fully earned, and fully non-refundable