I am Learning.
I am Growing.

I am Jaipuria


1Which board is the school affiliated to?
Seth M.R. Jaipuria Schools run schools affiliated to either the CBSE or the ICSE Board. New Schools will come up on Board patterns as per the city's requirement.
2Is your school a co-educational school?
Yes, we are a co-educational school, with no preference of any gender. We believe in equal opportunities for all with no discrimination
3The flagship campus at Gomti Nagar, Lucknow is an ICSE school?
Seth M.R. Jaipuria School, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow is an ICSE affiliated School, which was established in 1992. Ranked as the Number 1 School in Lucknow and Uttar Pradesh, the school is considered 'school for greater good in the world' by University of Berkeley.
4Tell me something about Jaipuria Group
Jaipuria Group has been a pioneer in education since 1945. Please click link for more information https://www.jaipuriaschools.ac.in/why-jaipuria/
5Why should my child be admitted to Jaipuria?
At Seth M.R. Jaipuria Schools, we believe in holistic development of students with endeavour to pay equal attention to curricular, co-curricular and spiritual development of each student.
6Can I escalate matters to Jaipuria Head Office?
Yes. For any concerns if not resolved at the school level, kindly write a mail to info@jaipuriaschools.ac.in
7Is this a franchisee school?
Seth M.R. Jaipuria Schools are collaborative with edupreneurs at various towns and cities nationwide. All schools work in close coordination with the Corporate Offices in New Delhi and Lucknow for all aspects, including academics, recruitment, training, admissions, events and project development. All assessments and strategies are driven through the Corporate Office.
8 Does Jaipuria Provide Scholarships?
Scholarships for meritorious students are offered. The Schools also conduct Jaipuria Open Scholarship Hunt (JOSH) on regular basis.
9How do we get in touch with Jaipuria quickly?
10Is there any concession or benefits given to siblings?
Yes. We have a sibling discount policy in our schools. For the exact percentage of the concession, kindly contact the respective branch.
11What is the age requirement for admission? Is any relaxations possible?
The age criteria for admission to various classes is as below (Age referred is considered as on1st April of the academic year).

































12What Kind of Curriculum do you follow?
At Jaipuria education is imagined to be holistic - physical, vital, mental, psychic, and spiritual in nature. Stemming from an innate belief that education is not about schooling and academics, Jaipuria Schools aim to nurture young minds who care just about immediate concerns of tests and marks. Instead, it hopes to see and aspirational belief in impressionable minds to enable all-round development of mind, bosy and soul. It aspires to create self-thinking, reflective individuals who have the courage to stop, think and reflect at every step of their educational journey. The curriculum at Jaipuria Schools is defined by the core of idea of self-learning and being student centric objectives of being able to develop knowledge, skills and attitude in every student.
13What is your teaching Methodology & Pedagogy?
The curriculum at Jaipuria Schools is defined by the core idea of self-learning. It visualizes learning as a matter of inquiry where the learner is able to question, seek answers, challenge opinions, and draw conclusions on a journey in his/her quest for knowledge. Therefore, this would mean that the trigger for learning and quest for knowledge needs to be stimulated from within and the motivation to learn cannot solely rely on external factors such as exams and tests. In the process, the learner will develop immense self-control over thoughts and actions thereby taking the onus of learning himself/herself.
14How will my kid be assessed?
At Jaipuria schools we have a framework for continuous and comprehensive assessment which focuses on bettering the students' learning process at school. The different methods of evaluation include close observations on set rubrics, multiple assessments in form of debates, quizzes, etc. The terms are divided into 2 low stakes and 2 high stakes assessments which include ratings from internal assessments also.
15Do Jaipuria provide smart classes?
All classrooms are mandated to have smart classrooms which include digital boards. Teachers are trained to use the components of these digital boards. Along with the smart classrooms the schools are equipped with VR, language, and robotic labs for enhanced learning.
16What will be the class strength?
Nursery, K.G: not beyond 30

Class 1 upwards: not beyond 35.
17What is the student teacher ratio?
The recommended teacher student ratio as per CBSE is 1:28 .The proposed teacher student ratio at Jaipuria is 1:12 in the primary, and 1:20 in other classes. Personalised attention and grooming of each child is important.
18How many languages are taught in schools?
English & Hindi are mandatory languages. At Jaipuria Schools a uniquely designed curriculum for conversational Sanskrit, Devbhasha, is followed from class Nursery onwards. Other languages like French, German, and Mandarin are opted by some students from middle school onwards. Specific language clubs are formed to help students learn the basics of some languages.
19Will Jaipuria Provide in any kind of state level competition or National level competition to the students?
We conduct a national level sports meet among all the Jaipuria Schools called PINNACLE which will have many indoor and outdoor sports events and also athletics. We also conduct a cultural competition called Crescendo among all the Jaipuria Schools which will have cultural, arts and academic events for the students to compete.
20What kind of outdoor and indoor sports do you provide in the school campus?
The school offers a wide range of age-specific activities for the holistic development of the students. Following are some of the sports facilities provided/ planned to be provided at the campus: Cricket, Basketball, Badminton, Tennis, Squash, Swimming, Table-Tennis, Wall Climbing, Archery, Horse Riding.
21Will there be a need for children to go to tuition after class?
The curriculum has been curated focusing on self-learning. Work to be done at home is learning with fun activities. Students are guided in classrooms to complete these activities with minimum support. At Jaipuria Schools we encourage knowledge gained over marks achieved which motivates the student to self-study.
22Will you be hiring local teachers?
We follow a very stringent process for hiring the teachers from all across the country through recruitment drives at various parts of the country. The teacher may belong to any part of the country but definitely need to qualify for selection. The teachers will also be trained and equipped on Jaipuria pedagogy, philosophy, processes and teaching methodology to ensure that the curriculum is delivered in the classroom.
23How do you ensure the quality of the faculty of the school?
Great care is taken in the way we recruit our teachers - who we believe are the pillars of a great school. Along with the requisite academic and professional qualifications love of children, love of learning and passion for the job are essential qualifications to be a Jaipuria School teacher. We believe that the right attitude is of great importance. Also, Curated training programmes by specialists from all over the world focusing on skill development.
24We have heard about frequent teacher change?
We have daily lesson plan for the full academic year so if any new teacher joins they know from where they have to start, what to teach so there will be minimum effect by change of teachers.
25 Do parents have opportunity to participate in School Activities?
Parents are highly involved in their child’s educational expedition. Starting from Parent’s orientation to all the cultural events, from the regular PTM’s to the Medical Check-ups, exhibitions or experience sharing talks, our parents are well connected with the school.
26Is there any Emphasis on Spoken English?
Yes, it’s mandatory to speak in English (except Hindi/Sanskrit periods) during the school hours.
27Is there any additional fee to be paid which is not mentioned in the brochure / web site?
Our fee structure is transparent; no additional fee is required to be paid through the year other than the stated fees, except for any voluntary activities like out of town school trips, specific activities, events such as MUN, Olympiad etc which are paid directly to the organizers.
28What about fees increment per year?
We do increment in fees as per CBSE guidelines which ranges between 8-10%.
29Which areas are covered by School Transport?
The school has an extensive transport coverage. Parents can refer to School Transport document to get an idea of the areas serviced by the current bus routes. The routes get re-planned at the start of academic session to optimize travel time for the students.
30Do you have Internet facility in your school?
Yes, the entire campus is Wi-Fi enabled. All teachers have laptops and class rooms have projectors for technologically enabled learning.
31Will there be computer facilities in the school?
There will be a computer room with adequate number of computers. Every child will have access to a laptop/computer.
32Will there be drinking water available for children?
There will be a central R O system and cooler which will provide pure drinking water for children
33What is the transport plan?
The School has comfortable, well-maintained (air-conditioned) buses. More information and detailed route plan is available at the school office.
34 Is it compulsory to take school transport?
We provide school transport as in optional facility. But if you are opting or discontinuing school transport, kindly inform school transport incharge well in advance
35Does school provide boarding facility?
We have a boarding facility in few of our schools like Banaras Babatpur and Gohania Prayagraj which are running the boarding facilities as per the guidelines given by Jaipuria Corporate Office. As per the requirement, we can provide boarding facility in other cities also.
36What aspects of child safety have been considered?

All systems and processes are in place to ensure the safety of the child in the school premises and while in the school bus.

  • CCTV
  • Security personnel
  • Security Alarms
  • Signages
  • Training of children to make them aware of security provisions
37Will there be a generator/power back-up in the school?
There will be a generator of adequate capacity to run lights, fans, smart class interactive boards and computers.
38What are the timings of the school?
Timings vary from school to school, city to city. Generally, the school timing is - Nursery - K.G. - 8:30 a.m. -12:30 p.m. (Dispersal: 12:45 p.m.), Class I - VII - 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. (Dispersal: 3:45 p.m.)
39Will the school provide the children with Uniform, Books and stationery?
Booklist is curated and shared by the corporate office with a suggested list of stationery. The parents can buy the books and stationery from any vendors suggested by the school. These vendors are chosen as per their quality of customer service and products. The uniform guidelines are shared with the school and also mentioned in the almanac. The schools share a suggestive list of vendors as per the quality guidelines shared by the corporate office.
40What kind of medical facilities do you provide?
We have a well-equipped infirmary with qualified nursing staff at school during the working hours. Doctors are available on call. Further, there is collaboration with local hospitals/ nursing homes. Medical camps are organised at regular intervals and health cards for all students are maintained at the school.
41Will the school provide Mid Day Meals?
No, children have to bring their own food from home. School may have facilities for canteen/ mess.