Health and sanitation is one of our core responsibility. We have been building toilets and encouraging sanitation and cleanliness in the rural areas. Till date we have constructed toilets in eight government schools over the last two years. Apart from it we have also donated a garbage disposal van at village panchayats, to create an efficient and feasible garbage disposal solution for the community

For societal wellness regular blood donation and health camp is organized.We also maintain an ambulance service for the nearby villages free of cost.


At Jaipuria group we strive to be environmental friendly in all our endeavors. At Ginni, we have 100% effluent treatment plant for greener environment, the entire output of waste water is recycled and reused in gardening at Ginni International. Ginni International is a certified manufacturer of organic yarn, organic woven and organic denim fabric and a registered with the United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) and availing of carbon credit.

Plantation drive is a regular affair across group.


Rural infrastructure development through building of roads, parks at its areas of operation for the welfare of the people is an integral part of our social responsibilities.


Distributions of clothes, shoes and food in association with organisations like Grace India and Oxfam for the benefit of underprivileged children by Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida

Social awareness campaign on corruption, environment, community upliftment at Jaipuria Institute of Management Jaipur.

For the comfort and convenience of pilgrims and tourists, Jaipuria has set up a Dharamsala – ‘Jaipuria Bhavan’ at Varanasi and Vindhyachal.