Crescendo Guidelines

Guidelines for Crescendo on a Virtual Platform

  • The theme for Crescendo 2022 is Navaras. Each event is linked with a rasa(emotion) out of the 9 rasas (emotions). These are highlighted in the event specific school manuals. Students must prepare themselves accordingly.
  • Important Dates: Crescendo will be held from 4th July to 6th August 2022.
  • Closing ceremony will take place virtually on 6th August, 5 p.m. onwards.
  • Registrations will be open on 9th July and 10th July. All students for every event must be registered on the dates mentioned.
  • No registrations will be entertained after the given dates.
  • Scheduled date and timings for every event have been provided as separate documents. Schools must ensure adherence to the same. Schools shall be responsible for the submission of entries in the
    prescribed format.
  • Appeals, if any, can come ONLY to the Organising Committee in writing on the following ID Review and rectifications, if any, will be subjected to the decision of the event heads.
  • Students must be in the school uniform (unless specified otherwise). All the events will be conducted in the school premises only.
  • Schools shall be solely responsible for registration of students’ entries in time. Entries after the specified time will not be considered for judgement.
  • All the School Headships are requested to conduct a fair and impartial competition, subject to permissions that may be required.
  • Sufficient care and thought must be exercised in the choice of entry for Crescendo for all the categories and events. The entries must be age and context appropriate. No profanity, sexually explicit or implicit lyrics/ moves/ gestures/ writing/ drawing will be accepted.
  • Reference or mention of inebriation, drug use, or intoxication will not be allowed.
  • The entries must not contain material that promotes bigotry, racism, hatred or harm against any group or individual or promotes discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability,
    sexual orientation, or age.
  • Any technical or network related issue will not be the responsibility of the Organising Committee.
  • Schools shall adhere to the time limit of each competition. Any video entry exceeding the time limit will not be considered for judgement under any circumstances.

Advisory for Online Preliminary Competitions

We believe that maximum number of children should have access to participation in various events. Crescendo 2022 has made it possible, and we suggest that schools shall go ahead and conduct “Preliminary Rounds” at School levels, so that best of talents can come out and participate in the Grand
Please note this is just an advisory from the Organising Committee, and the Preliminary Rounds are to be monitored by individual school Headships in discussion with the Management.

Guidelines for Crescendo on a Virtual Platform

  • Preliminary Rounds for the selection of students will be held at the school level.
  • No extra marks will be allotted for costumes/props, unless specified in criteria.
  • We recommend that schools can conduct Preliminary Rounds from 4th July to 8rd July 2022, so that the Headships have better talent to identify from.
  • The school will be the deciding body and will have the sole discretion on selection of students to be sent for Crescendo 2022.
  • Suggested Mode of conduct- House competitions or class competitions: Every house may divide the students in the four categories of Crescendo i.e. Maestros, Trendsetters, Legends, and Elites.
  • All events will be conducted in school premises only.
  • The rules of Prelims may be the same as Crescendo events. However, specific topics and conduct could be decided by the school heads.
  • House Masters/ Class Teachers/ Coordinators can discuss at the School level to ensure maximum participation and fair selection.
  • The selected participants must be registered for Crescendo main events latest by 10th July.
  • Schools are requested to send across the summary and snapshots of the preliminary process.

Web-Registration Process

  • Form to be filled and submitted online through Crescendo Microsite hosted on Jaipuria Corporate Website ( latest by 10th July.
  • All the forms are editable until their respective registration dates.
  • Registration will start from 9th July 2022.
  • Once the entries are submitted, no changes will be accepted.

Judgement and Scoring Pattern

  • The decision of the judges will be final and binding under all circumstances. Overall champions will be decided on the basis of the following points system:
    1st Position – 20 Points
    2nd Position – 15 Points
    3rd Position – 10 Points
  • In the event of a tie, both teams will be awarded the same points.
  • This is different from non-participation, where the school has not registered for the event in the first place. No marks will be deducted for non-participation.
  • No substitution for absenteeism will be considered/entertained.
  • The Organising Committee reserves rights to take punitive actions against absenteeism or unfair means, if found.

Result Announcement

Following the mega success of virtual prize events from Crescendo 2021, there will be a virtual result announcement of respective events and categories from 3rdAugust to 5thAugust this year. It will be held on Zoom with the live streaming on ‘Seth M.R. Jaipuria Schools ‘ Facebookpage.

The following winners would be awarded in Crescendo 2022

  • Overall champion
  • Runners-up, Second runners-up, Third runners-up, Forth runners-up
  • Category winners- Maestros, Trendsetters, Legends, and Elites
  • Individual event prizes – First Prizes | Second Prizes | Third Prizes

If there is a tie for a specific place, the winners would be awarded in the following manner:

1. Tie during a specific competition between students:

  • If there is a tie at the 1st Position, both the students would get the points allocated for the first
  • The Runners up will get the points allocated for the 3rd Position.\
  • No child gets the points allocated for the 2ndPosition.
  • If there are 3rd students at tie for the 1st Position, all 3rd will get the points allocated for the 1st Position, and no other participant will get any points for Runners-up Position.

2. Tie during the overall championship between the schools:

  • If there is a tie for the 1st Position, both the schools will be awarded the Overall Champions.
  • The runners up award will be skipped The school at the 3rd Position will be awarded the 2nd Runners-up.
  • If there is a tie at the 2nd Position, both the schools will be awarded as the Runners up. The award for the 2nd Runners-up will be skipped. The school at the 4th Position will be awarded as the 3rd Runners-up.
  • The same pattern will be followed if there is a tie at further position spots and the Overall Championship will be restricted to only 5 Schools unless there is a tie at the 4thRunners-up Position.

Format of entry Submission for Virtual Crescendo

Process of Submitting the Entries

The entries for the Crescendo 2022 will be accepted only in the Google Folders. The Organising Committee will create a unique Google Folder for every school, which would be shared with the Principal’s Email Id. A sample folder name would be, “OraiCampus_Crescendo 2022″.
The School Folder will have the following sub-folder/sheet inside where the entries need to be pasted/uploaded:
1. Non-video Entries (Folder)
2. Video Entries (Excel Sheet)

Please note that only the Principal’s mail ID will have access to the folders and files for the submission of the entries.

Non-video Entries

  • All the entries in JPG/PDF format, need to be uploaded in this folder. List of events for nonvideo entries are to be mentioned in the this document.
    Please find below a sample entry for reference:


  • The name of the file for non-video entries should strictly be in the prescribed format for judgement. failing so, the Organising Committee will not consider the entries.
  • Please ensure that school Name is not mentioned on any entry for fair and impartial Judgement.
  • The last date of submitting a particular entry is mentioned in the sheet and the schools can upload the same by the end of the day (midnight of the same date).
  • The schools should stick to the last date for submitting entries and getting considered for judgement. Please note that timing and date of submission will be automatically tracked in the Google Folder and Sheets.
  • The concerned officials from the Crescendo Organising Committee will download the entries from the folder according to the last date of the entry.

The pictures of the process need to be submitted for a few events, as mentioned in the manual. The schools will upload these pictures in the Process Pictures Folder.The pictures must be named in the following format:


  • For art events, judgement will only be done on the basis of hard copy, which is required to reach the CO latest by 22nd July. However, you are still required to upload the entry JPG/PDF on the same day.

Video Entries

  • Every school will have an excel sheet in their respective folder for submitting the video entries. The name of the sheet is will be “Video Entries”.
  • To submit the video entries, the schools need to either create a YouTube channel or they can continue to use the existing YouTube channel created by them. (New schools can contact the Organising Committee in case of creation of a new YouTube channel)
  • Every school will have to upload all the video entries on their respective YouTube channels.
  • The links of the YouTube videos along with the other details are to be filled mandatorily in the Google Sheet named- “Video Entries.
  • The Sheet will automatically track the date of submission. The entries will be accepted only if they come before the end of the day/midnight of the last date.
  • All the videos should strictly adhere to the prescribed time limit for the respective events.

All the Unique Folders for all the schools will be created and shared with the respective schools by 1st July. The Principals/Headships mustd ensure that they can access the folders and in case of any problem, they can contact the Organising Committee.

Entries Events Entry Format Last date Remarks
Non video Entries Debate (Hindi) (Round 1)
Debate (English) (Round 1)
High Resolution Scanned PDF or High Resolution Picture 15th July
15th July
Should be submitted before midnight
My Masterpiece and I Fun with Clay 12th July
12th July
Alter the Emotions
Picture the Plot
Concept Art
Fun with
Mix and Match Emotions
Nature Art
Shade and Tints
12 July
12th July
12th July
12th July
12th July
12th July
12th July
Online Submission Should be submitted before midnight,

Hard copy submissionshould reach latest by nd 22 July.

Poetry Writing (English)
Poetry Writing (Hindi)
Writing (English)
Story Writing (Hindi)
High Resolution Scanned PDF or High Resolution Picture 15th July
15th July
15th July
15th July
Should be submitted before midnight
Quiz Google From Quiz 14th July
Photography High Resolution Picture 15th July


Entries Events Entry Format Last date Remarks
Video Entries Elocution (English)
Elocution (Hindi)
Mono Act
Story Telling (English)
Story Telling (Hindi)
Group PerformanceBeat Boxing/Body
Percussion Solo Vocal (English)
Solo Vocal(Hindi)
Twisted Solo
Vocal Solo Dance – Concept based
Solo Dance – Free Style Video Log
Video through YouTube 15 July
15th July
15th July
14th July
14th July
14th July
14th July
14th July
14th July
14th July
15th July
15th July
14th July
Should be submitted before midnight

Date for live events Debate (Hindi) – 27th July
Debate (English) – 28th July
Quiz – Junior: 1st August
Quiz – Senior: 2st August

Note- For all Art competitions, the hard copies of the art work must be couriered to the Organising Committee so the aesthetics can be judged properly and originality can be verified. In case the received hard copies are different, the Organising Committee can pass on the prize to the next best entry