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Events across 43 Schools

The Stage is set for Annual cultural festival of Jaipuria Schools, Crescendo ’22. This year we are CELEBRATING NAVARAS!

In its fifth addition Crescendo 22 is set to give wings to budding talents of Jaipuria students and take them higher. The aim is to focus on developing new skills in our students through various competitions so that they will become more confident and ensure a bright future for our country.

The festival this year promises to be grander with new competitions, new avenues for students to showcase their extraordinary talent from across 43 SETH M.R. JAIPURIA SCHOOLS.

Crescendo ’22 promises to be full of healthy competitions where spirit of participation will be the highlight.

Let Crescendo 22 celebrate Navaras in full fervor! All the best to all the schools

Theme of CRESCENDO’ 2022

(All event topics will be on the following theme)


Emotions are complex experience of consciousness, bodily sensation, and behaviour. Emotions are often associated with mood, outlook, personality, disposition, and motivation. The one thing that is common to all these threads is the fact that they evoke feelings in us, we respond to them with our emotions before they can become a part of our internal life. Emotions in Sanskrit are called bhav, expression of these bhavs is the essence of how we react to life circumstances. Indeed, life can be thought of as a continuous series of emotions that arise in various contexts and situations.

As per the Natya Shastra, human life can be described through nine basic emotions or bhavas. Through them, one finds a thorough exposition of emotions that characterize Life as well as Art. Expression of these Emotions are called “Rasas” in Sanskrit which give life different hues, shades and colours. In Sanskrit Rasa means taste or essence and Nava means nine.

Every rasa corresponds to a particular bhava and is commonly used to denote the sense of an “emotional state.”