About Crescendo






Events across 32 Schools

A first of its kind cultural festival for Jaipuria Schools, Crescendo ’20 is a stage where Jaipurians will give wings to their budding talents and take it higher.

Crescendo ’20 will highlight in development of individual through various competitions so that they will become more confident and ensure a bright future for our country.

Crescendo ’20 is going to provide a platform for all those who want to showcase their extra ordinary talent from all across 32 schools.

The festival will be grand, and the spirit friendly.

Theme of CRESCENDO’ 2020

(All event topics will be on the following theme)


‘Change is the only constant in life,’ the great philosopher, Heraclitus said it years ago, believing that permanence is an illusion. It stands true even today. Change is inevitable. No matter how hard you try, you
can’t stop the day to change to night, or summers to change to winters, or a caterpillar to change into a
butterfly. As humans progress from childhood through adulthood to old age, change happens, whether we
like it or not. It is a corollary of time

In these changing times, where the notions of normal and routine have taken a turn, the acceptance and adaptability to change holds utmost importance. Charles Darwin in his theory of evolution also emphasized
that the ability to change plays a main role in survival. The one who resists the change, finds it difficult to
survive. Being flexible and willing to adapt leads to growth and brings harmony.

As educators, it is our primary responsibility to help our students to accept the changes around them and grow. We have to make them believe that any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied
by discomforts. We have to step out of the comfort zone, break the status quo and embrace the change. The theme for Crescendo’ 20, is selected so that none of our students can say- I’ve always done it this way’ but accept that ‘परिवर्तन ही संसार का नियम हैं’