Visionary Speaks : March Issue

“As I think, honesty is the key to success. If the effort applied is 100%, then the maximum success rate is ensured.” says Shri Mahesh Goel, Chairman, Seth MR Jaipuria School, Goel Campus Faizabad Road, Lucknow

Jaipuria Group is all set to open a school in collaboration with the Goel Group at Faizabad Road, Lucknow. The Chairman of the school, Shri Mahesh Goel, is a cheerful, dynamic, visionary, and super successful entrepreneur. He has been into education and also commands many other businesses since last twenty five years. His family has been a prominent name in Lucknow business and social circuit over five decades.

Trying to get hold of the Chairman from his busy schedule and getting to know more about him was a mission on it’s own for Jaipuria’s media team. The first surprise to us, was the very warm response received from his office when we requested the Chairman for an interview.Amidst a teacher training process that was happening at the school, he humbly took time out for an interaction. He was so excited, enthusiastic and at the same time anxious about the school, about the quality of teachers being recruited, about taking the school to great heights! While sharing his experiences, goals, desires, ambitions,he was full of enthusiasm and ideas.

The Interview started off with a formal introduction of the Chairman wherein he mentioned some interesting facts about himself. A powerful and energetic personality full of life- that is how we can describe him

He shared with us quite candidly his ideas and vision. The media team interacted with Mr Mahesh Goel as a part of the series of our interaction with visionaries working with Jaipuria. Here are some excerpts for The Interview of the Month!

1. Welcome, Mahesh ji, and thank you for taking time out for this interaction! Now, we are aware that you have been in the field of higher education for many years,we were wondering what ignited the passion in you to start a K-12 school?

My pleasure to be speaking to you! We have been into various businesses for decades. For the last 9 years, we are in the field of education because we comprehended a need the society had, and we felt that it would be our duty, serving the society more at the grass-root level. I felt my contribution at the primary level of development of society would be more beneficial for all.

2. How did your involvement with Jaipuria group commence?

We were looking for a good academic brand; in this, we found that Seth M.R. Jaipuria Group is the best.

3. You have been associated with Jaipuria for almost a year now. How do you evaluate the relations and what have been the most significant phases of this relationship?

Actually, our interaction with Jaipuria family started only last December. It is very difficult to evaluate such a big group, although I can say that while meeting with Jaipuria associates, I felt at ease as all of them are approachable and amiable. According to me, faith & loyalty is the key of a good relationship & this we share immensely. There is a lot of synergy.

4. How do you visualize the roles and interplay among students, teachers and parents in nurturing the students to become valuable citizens of India?

Each & every person is full of potential. While grooming the child,parents are to take the 1st step and while developing the child school / teachers play an important part. School & home together, hand-in-hand can create wonders with students. The world is the child’s playground. It is up to parents, teachers and school administrators to manicure the playground to enable each child to truly excel.

5. Sir, each time we come to Goel Campus, we are amazed to see people working with dedication and sincerity. How do you find people, who truly care about the organization to work for you?

First of all, I am thankful to you for appreciating our organisational culture. In any organization transparency and faith are the keys of retaining staff. Apart from this I personally feel that I am dependent upon them & they are not dependent on me, they may get another job. I may not get good people like them.

6. What’s your take on discipline? How will you ensure discipline in your school and to what extent?

There is no compromise in matters of discipline. Zero tolerance in discipline.

7. What do you think is more important for a child- extra-curricular or academics?

Many parents and students do not understand the importance of extra curricular activities. Over the years I have had to persuade a number of parents to allow their children to continue participating in extra-curricular activities, because they felt that these activities distracted their offspring from their academic work. According to me, academic subjects and extra-curricular activities complement each other and develop a well-rounded, socially skilled, and healthier student. Activities beyond academia define a person.

8. How would you ensure teacher effectiveness? Do you want your teachers to be hardworking or smart working?

Hard-work is important because it helps you to gain experience. Once you gain experience, then you can work smartly. Working hard in planned manner is smart work. In today’s era, smartly done hard work is the key to achieve success.

9. You are a well-known businessman; share with us your greatest success story!

As I think, honesty is the key to success. If the effort applied is 100%, then the maximum success rate is ensured.

10. How do you balance success and failure? What is the best way to achieve long-term success?

Learning from mistakes and not allowing them to happen again can be defined as success & this is the best way to achieve long-term success.

11. Please tell us about your background, profession, hobbies, interests, and a brief insight into the journey of your life.

I was born in a very simple family & saw my father & elders slogging hard throughout the lives. I have done my schooling from Lucknow & B.Tech in Civil Engineering from M.S. Ramiya College, Bangalore. After completing it, I joined my family business of construction / builders. About my hobbies & interest, I love to play cricket & T.T. Apart from this, listening to old melodies is one of my favorite hobbies.

12. What are your personal goals in life? How far have you reached in achieving your goals?

I am well-satisfied with my work & as far as achievement of goal is concerned, Sky is my limit.

13. If you’re comfortable, please do share a few details about your family. We believe you recently became a grand-parent!! Congratulations. By the way, you look very young to be a grandfather!

I belong to a Marwari Family & in our culture; marriage age is very early so I got married at the age of 23 years only. I have a beautiful wife, Neelam Goel & two children; a daughter Khushboo Goel & a son Samarth Goel. As you know recently, I became ‘Nana’& I am thankful to you to find me very young & hope to be as young as you are seeing me now throughout the life with the blessings of you people.

14. You are a very stylish man and a trend-setter! Tell us about some of your favorite brands.

I am very down to earth person; I am not very much particular about any brand. The thing which is beautiful & durable is my brand. I look at things aesthetically.

15. Many people believe Lucknow has one of the best food, lifestyle and living standards not just in Uttar Pradesh but in India. Is that what has kept you grounded to your hometown? We are sure the brilliant Lucknawi food is one of the other reasons as well!

Thank you again for appreciating my city’s culture, this city is my birth place & many years ago my grandfather had shifted from Rajasthan to Lucknow. Not only delicious food, but also the ethics & culture of Lucknawi’s are the main reasons for keeping me grounded to Lucknow.

16. Paint a picture for us; let’s imagine it has been 5 years since the school opened; what all has happened!

  • A large number of buses outside the gate
  • Notice boards stating few seats are left in Class 9th& 11th & a newspaper cutting on it which is mentioned Best Academic result of 10th& 12th of Seth M.R. Jaipuria School, Goel Campus in the history of Jaipuria Schools.
  • Assembly prayer with the capacity of more than 2000 students.
  • A smile on the face of every child, every parent, every teacher, staff, employee associated with the school.

17. Who has inspired you in your life or who do you see as your ideal? Why?

When I was in Bangalore I observed my chairman Mr. M.S. Ramaiya, he inspired me in many ways to be an educationist, just to serve society, this is the best & practical way to serve our society.

18. If you could talk to one person from history, who would it be and why?

Chanakya is the person, as his policies are very meaningful & logical.

19. What has been the most significant learning experience of your life? What advice can you give to the students to succeed in life?

Life is a real thing, not an empty dream, means everything depends on how you are reading it. I advise my students to be positive & honest towards their parent as well as with the nation, to succeed in his/her life.

20. What is your greatest fear, and how do you manage fear?

My fear is not to hurt anyone willingly & unwillingly, truth & honesty is the better way to manage fear.

21. You’re a globetrotter; share with us your most cherished travel story.

I am not a globetrotter but seen few places around the world which I can never forget. In Europe I was mesmerized by the natural scenic beauty of lush green meadows, vibrant blue rivers and snow-capped peaks. (Note to our readers- this is how down-to-earth this man is, always being humble!)

22. Do you believe there is some sort of pattern or formula to becoming a successful entrepreneur?

No, I don’t think so, but yes, honesty & diligence can achieve this.

23. As successful businessmen, what has been your greatest strength?

The team work of my advisors, staff & colleagues are the greatest strength of my success.

24. Why should someone send their kid to Seth M.R Jaipuria School, Goel campus, Lucknow?

Very interesting question!! If I say why not Goel Campus then ….just joking!!
As you know that Goel Campus is having most modern infrastructure with high class amenities, fully air conditioned with eco friendly campus, with all modern sports as well as more than 40 extracurricular activities under one roof. As per the academics is concerned we have the most in demand CBSE newly amended syllabus designed by learned Jaipuria publication. We have all experienced & energetic teaching & non teaching staff. With all these combinations, why not the Goel Campus? Moreover, you will give us a child and take back a professional.

25. Your message for our readers.

I feel proud to be member of Jaipuria family. I am lucky to serve our society with K-12 schools and thankful to Sharad Jaipuria ji who has shown his faith on us. I pray to God, that we will make this good joint venture successful in the future ahead.