Visionary Speaks : June Issue

The importance of teacher empowerment in key education areas cannot be underestimated. In our constant endeavor to strengthen the teaching-learning process and to empower our teachers with the latest tools and techniques, Seth M.R. Jaipuria Schools organized a four days training programme at Lucknow for all teachers across all running schools. More than 150 teachers were trained on best practices to foster the classroom teaching and connecting it to the real world. Special emphasis was given to holistic development of teachers. Stress Free Teaching and mild Yoga were strong components of the programme, emphasizing that teacher well-being needs to be looked into, so as to enable them to enjoy their work to the utmost. The purpose of this training was to give the teachers a platform to not only share the best practices followed at schools globally, but also enable them to become an active participant of the learning hub.

Hear what our teachers had to say!

1. How was your training experience?

  • Neha from Goel Campus, Lucknow said that “it was a great experience; I was able to clear all doubts related to classroom teaching, dealing with children, problems related to parents, and planning for a day. earlier I was not aware about holistic development and concept formation, but now am carrying lots of activities and ideas to make the classroom more apt for effective teaching”.
  • Asfiya from Hardoi – “Learning new forms of teachings with methods and standards was really enjoyable. It was a wonderful opportunity to have trainers like them who were a complete package of teaching knowledge”
  • Pragya from Barabanki says it was a great and wonderful experience that has filled her with positive and high energy, and creative ideas for the classroom.
  • Ranjeet from Faizabad says “really enjoyed the training and hope to come again”.
  • Richa from Bansal Campus – “The training was very enriching and informative.”

2. What are your takeaways from the training?

  • Amita from Barbanki – says that she learned how to take new approach towards the problems and many new ideas.
  • Neelu from Goel Campus – “From here, we got confidence that our seniors will always be there to help us. They taught us great ways to teach our kids and shared good experiences which were really helpful.”
  • Shubhangi from Hardoi –“Good ideas. New teaching experience. How to develop a class.”
  • Sarika from Bansal Campus, Lucknow says that they learnt many new interesting ideas from the training which she can implement in the classroom environment.
  • Moni from Faizabad – “More and more use of TLM’S and activities. Good learning experience”.

3. What part of the training did you like the most?

  • B. Bala from Hardoi– “Story time and circle time were the parts of the training I like the most. I learnt so many tips related to this.”
  • Neelu from Goel Campus says that all parts were really amazing but the parts she liked the most were Yoga, circle time, and reading of the case studies.
  • Priyanka from Bansal Campus-“Circle time. Story Time.”
  • Chetali from Barabanki says that the trainers’ tactics were fabulous to implement in the class.
  • Regan from Faizabad said that he liked most of the teaching methodology and it taught him how to teach the students better and has gained great teaching experience in the field of physical education.

4. The centralized training gave teachers an opportunity to mingle with teachers of other schools. Any best practices that you would like to implement in your school which you observed are being practiced in other schools?

  • Sneh from Faizabad-“Yes I would like to implement certain things practiced at school levels.”
  • Priyanka from Bansal campus says that she would like to implement the Healing Habitat and Nature’s Hub practiced in the Gomti Nagar branch.
  • Neha from Goel Campus -“Puppet theatre. Healing Habitat corner.”
  • Pragya from Barabanki says that she really enjoyed the video teaching how to use socks with holes so as to improve fine motor skills.
  • Rohit from Hardoi – “In our branch we have assembly on Monday’s only. I would like to increase the days of assembly because this is a great way to start the day by praying to God.”

5. How do you feel being a part of the Jaipuria family?

  • Amita from Barabanki feels proud being with other Jaipurians and has also learned the best teaching techniques
  • Neelu from Goel Campus – “Being a part of Jaipuria family is an honour. I have no words for the training we underwent. It was amazing”
  • Moni from Faizabad – “I am pleased to be a member of the Jaipuria Family. After joining, I have learned several new skills of teaching methodologies.”