Visionary Speaks : July Issue

Jaipuria students have always had the belief that they can make a dent in the universe with their actions, achievements and positive thoughts. From a very young age, we encourage students to partake tasks that will bring about transformation to the society at large. They do this by having a sense of ownership and accountability towards one’s own passion. We believe that the sole purpose of Education is make the new generation think and do things different from the current one and instill new attitudes and values relevant to fast changing world. All we do is provide an environment that is very vibrant, different, and dynamic in every aspect. The rest automatically flows, with each child realizing his or her true calling.

During the summer holidays, we randomly grabbed hold of few of our Alumni from the flagship campus, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow. And, it made us proud beyond words with everything that they have done in life, and continue doing so! We invited a them to share their experience with current Jaipurians. Inspiring, to say the least, as to what these young-adults have done!

These full of life youngsters shared their experiences and the challenges they faced during their school years and how school helped them in becoming a successful individual, but most importantly, how the school instilled values in them for life to become a good human being, and no matter what the circumstances, to always stay grounded.

Read what our Alumni said……

Ashutosh Agarwal created history by getting off campus recruitment by one of the world’s largest corporations, Google. He has already completed a three month internship at New York is now ready to join his full time assignment. He is being paid an enormous amount of money, but he only cares about being the best programmer that he can be, so that he can help the society!

He says: “My school has been instrumental in identifying the programmer in me. I was given access to computers and programming pretty early in life. My teachers gave me a plethora of opportunities to dream big, hone my skills and reach where I am now. I have tried to stay humble. Thank you to the school for everything”.

His Message to our readers is “Dream big and Aim high”.

PrernaMishra( ISCE topper) left the school in 2015 and is now Pursuing B.A. (Hons) in Economics at one of India’s premier colleges, Lady Shri Ram College for Women (Delhi University) Prerna spent 12 years in Jaipuria. She has hundreds of stories to share! She says:-

“This school has played a major part in my overall personality development besides providing me with a solid academic foundation. The surfeitof co-curricular opportunities offered here along with an ever supportive teaching as well as non- teaching staff make for a warm, nurturing environment where one is encouraged to push one’s boundaries and explore one’s potential. The strong emphasis on values ensures holistic development. I have learnt leadership skills, overcome my fear of the stage and at the same time learnt to be comfortable in my own skin. The school has shaped me into whom I am today and for that I am ever grateful”

Her message to our readers:- “All I would like to say is that the sense of belonging and pride that Jaipuria inculcates in you is unparalleled. While it offers you opportunities, it is up to you to make the most of them”.

KhushbuKirtipassed out of school in 2016 and has now joined DU pursuing her BA (Hons) in English. Incidentally, she was the ICSE Topper from the school, and one of the highest ranked in the city and state.

“I joined in Class 11 but the school has been so important in making me who I am today that it seems I’ve spent a decade here. I had come to this institution for a mere change of atmosphere (from my prior institute), expecting a few significant changes in my personality. Little did I know that Jaipuria would metamorphose me into a confident orator, a writer and an organizer. I am going to get my poetry book printed and had Jaipuria not encouraged me to keep improving my writing skills, I would not have been able to achieve this today. I had also organized on the 17th of July, along with some friends, an all-city musical charity Event where funds were raised for cancer patients. Rest, I’ve just begun my college and I hope I’d keep making my school proud of me.

Her message for the readers: I’d say that it was an honour on my part to be a part of such a tremendous institute and it made me learn things that have been very useful in my life. From friendly and supportive staff to the humongous number of opportunities that the school offers, it is definitely going to be an indelible experience for anyone who is a part of Jaipuria.

This is just the start; we will continue to bring snippets of our tete-a-tete with Alumni, teachers, parents and all stake-holders through this space, and also social networks.