Visionary Speaks : February Issue

The Jaipuria Group has launched a world class school with Shri Sitaram Krishna Kumari Agarwal memorial trustin Hardoi. The school will start its first academic session in April 2016. Seth M.R Jaipuria school, Hardoi has become the talk of the town and more than 300 students have already taken admission here. The Director of the school, Mr. Shikhar Agarwal, is a young dynamic, humble and a successful entrepreneur who has many successful business ventures running parallel and is interested in travelling.

We are always enthusiastic about interacting with our partners in progress to get to know them better and gain from their experience. The Jaipuria Corporate Office media team was welcomed very warmly by the Director for an interview. He was full of encouragement, enthusiasm and ideas.

The interview took place in the modern Amphi theatrepremises of the school, with all members of the media team basking in the pious atmosphere. The theatrical ambience and words of wisdom from the dynamic young leader proved to be the perfect concoction for hungry-for-knowledge ears!

The Interview started off with a formal introduction of the Director wherein he mentioned some interesting facts about himself, his education and travel. Humility personified, the Director displays great maturity and brilliance, belying his young age.

He shared with us his passion to work.Also, we got a glimpse into his theatrical bendof mind. In continuing with the series of our interaction with our partners, here are some excerpts for The Interview of the Month!

“Whatever you do in your life, do it with passion and follow your heart, don’t take unnecessary family pressure or peer pressure”. Says Mr Shikhar Agarwal

    1. Tell us about yourself- your background, your other work, hobbies, interests, etc. Give us a glimpse into your life, your journey.

    I am a small town boy, MBA in Marketing, with more than 5 years of corporate experience with companies like Reliance Retail, Essar Telecom and have moved to lot of cities during my Education and work time since childhood.This has given me great perspective into independent thinking and interacting with people from different places and background.I work with passion in any thing that I do and it has been my biggest strength so far.

    2. Looking back on your association with Jaipuria, it’s been over a year now, what have been the most significant developments?

    I got an opportunity to deal with nice people and the general sense has been good.

    3. Why did you choose to get into education? What is your vision for school education in Hardoi? Across India? What’s your take on schooling in general in Hardoi and Uttar Pradesh ?

    As I have mentioned above, I have moved a lot across cities since childhood and have always felt the need and responsibility to do something better for my hometown (could not get good opportunities and guidance in my childhood in Hardoi, and things could have been different for me).School is just a start in that direction. My understanding is that children from small towns are more street smart and better than people from Metros or big towns, but they are not that much polished due to lack of proper platform and lag behind in things. I really want to change that in Hardoi.

    4. Do you view students merely as learners, as part of the learning process or learning being centered around the student?

    I think learning has to be centeredaround the students.

    5. What’s your take on discipline? Where do teachers and school draw a line when it comes to grooming of students?

    Discipline is most important thing for a student. I feel if you are self-disciplined, the learning process in life gets easier. As far as teachers are concerned they are the back bone of any educational system and with changing times we all need to concentrate on the basics and liberalization of education. We all have to understand that the students are there to take something and we are the provider. The teachers have to be very particular in each and every action, what they are doing, as the students always follow that. I feel that the school management must felicitate the teachers, for everything they deserve for their motivation.

    6. If problems arise with a student, what support services should the school provide?

    The school must come forward for every little problem that arises from time to time as I personally feel that if the problem is attended to at the earliest, the results are likely to be more favorable.

    7. How would you involve parents in the education of their children? What would you do if an angry parent came in unexpectedly to demand that their child not be suspended for fighting?

    • Regular involvement of parents through interaction and giving them all necessary information of their ward.
    • Counselling of parents is also necessary for the betterment of student’s life.
    • I feel that a proper disciplined atmosphere in the campus always help the college to deal with these problems.
    • Proper actions with moral grounds have to be taken to give other students a lesson.
    • Need to talk with parents and give them proper response so that they understand what their wards have done.

    8. How would you ensure teacher effectiveness?

    • By regular assessment of all teachers.
    • Mentoring them.
    • Solving their problems from time to time.
    • Training

    9. What is success to you? What is failure?
    Failure is a learning process and motivation to do better. Success is a travel time between bad and good days.

    10. What are your personal goals in life?
    To be a successful businessman and finally produce movies in Bollywood.

    11. Paint a picture for us- take us to a tour of your school three years from now.
    Disciplined, English speaking culture and kids pursuing their passion and learning new skills regularly

    12. Who do you see as your ideal? Why?
    Business- DhirubhaiAmbani, Bollywood- Shahrukh Khan, Personal Life- Gandhi Ji.

    13. As a young entrepreneur, what has been your greatest strength?
    Passionate about anything that I do and good ground level research along with networking in that particular field.

    14. Why did you choose Jaipuria as your partner?
    Deal structured at right price point. New setup, giving me more attention as a startup school in comparison to other brands. Nice people to deal with.

    15. You come across as a calm, mature and passionate person. Tell us something about yourself which is not very apparent.
    I am very emotional and don’t leave things to chance.Unless I have done it perfectly, I will keep thinking about it even after 2-3 years, no matter how small it is.

    16. Why should someone send their kid to Hardoi? Why should teachers/professionals move to Hardoi? Generally , people had a not so positive Opinion about Hardoi. And this is not ten years back….
    I don’t expect anyone from outside to send their kid to Hardoi, but it would be a best school to work for 5 years down the line considering the salary, Organisation Culture and work satisfaction people will get.

    17. Do you like music? Food? Are you a sportsman? Writer? Philosopher? Theatre fanatic? Please elaborate!
    Except for sports I like everything, theatre is my main interest area, I really like travelling and meeting new people.

    18. Your message for our readers.

    Whatever you do in your life, do it with passion and follow your heart, don’t take unnecessary family pressure or peer pressure.