The Learning Constraints- Heavy Bags!

Maintaining a healthy body and promoting a balanced approach to life and learning are very importantfor our students,in order to ensure their holistic development.

A variety of learning experiences that focus on acquiring knowledge and problem solving,which are interdisciplinary in nature and group work-based teachingwill help reduce the burden of heavy school bags that most students are required to carry every day.These methods will provide freedom to both the teacher and learner to improvise, innovate, create and think beyond the prescribed curricula.

“To gain any knowledge or skill, one must be engaged in learning.” Effective educational delivery consistsof getting learners engaged in learning activities or the learning process. ICT play an important role in facilitating and enhancing student engagements.

Schools should plan the curriculum in a way that supports more ICT based learning for all the subjects in all classes, as far as possible. Homework should be reduced and should be subject wise to prevent overload.

Nowadays, kids are left with almost no option than to carry heavy bags to school for a number of reasons. It has been observed that such a thing automatically leads to strained backs and necks in growing children. It is not any more uncommon to find students especially in middle schools carrying huge bags weighing up to 30 pounds on their backs on a regular basis!

Just imagine. Each year millions of students carry heavy bags with their shoulders drawn down with the weight. Despite all the progress in technology and science, the modern system of education has not come out with any option where a student does not have to carry such heavy bags.

In order to keep school bags light, teachers should discourage students from carrying heavy books while schools may practice keeping books of primary kids in the school.

It can be a suggestive measure for schools if the school curriculum supports more activity-based learning for all the main subjectsas far as possible.

Parents may alsotake some initiative in this regard by selectinggood quality bags that would give their child the required comfort, so that he can carry all his books properly without feeling pain. A good quality backpack is structured so that all the books and other stationary items can be properly arranged within the sections and the load equally distributed along the strong muscles of the back and shoulders. It is of utmost importance to adjust the shoulder straps in a manner that it doesn’t hurt the body. Improper adjustments could lead to severe back pain.

Students are to be advised as a part of Health Education, to carry well -designed backpacks correctly, to promote healthy living, constructive learning, and well build posture.

Jaipuria Group has a deep concern about their student’s health and fitness keeping this in mind they take serious measures while designing the curriculum so as to reduce the weight of school bags.

The school authority should suggest a backpack, rather than a shoulder bag for students as it helps distribute the weight evenly. Backpacks with two straps are suggested.

Jaipuria Group will also plan to have classrooms with storage facilities for students to keep books and accessories. This is a very thoughtful step being taken, as it prevents children from lugging around every-day essentials.

The school should conduct training sessions for students and teachers to pack the bag wisely, with heavier books at the bottom and lighter books and accessories on top. Use zip pouches instead of heavy bulky stationary boxes, and always clear clutter. Proper demonstrations aregiven in the training session for correct postures while carrying school bags.

While publishing own books it is ensured that the paper used in the book is of very light weight so as to reduce the overall weight of the books.

Suman Kumar
Assistant Manager
Seth M R Jaipuria Schools CO