Summer Camp: Experiences that last a lifetime!

Generally, every time summer sets in, parents have a vacation planned with their children. Now, even when they take off for 10-12 days to a new city, they find it difficult to keep their kids engaged after a point! There is strong belief that each kid should be given space to explore what they truly want to become, to be what they want to be, to do what they love and love what they do. It is scientifically proven that for a habit to develop, it takes about 21 days. A summer camp gives kids a taste of a variety of activities that they wouldn’t generally be involved with, and that ensures that they can further pursue something that catches their fancy and aptitude in the long run. There is something magical about a summer camp experience. Chances are that each and every camp is different, because the participants would be different. Moreover, it’s definitely fun for kids, and gives parents time off, a win-win situation.

1. They are physically active all day long

The urbane oasis that we live in sort of makes the children live a sedentary lifestyle. Computers, video games, smartphones and television has cut down physical activity for all, including the kids. Even in school, they don’t get the opportunity to be physically active all the time, especially with the harshness of weather Gods and structured learning patterns. For a child’s body and mind to develop well, a child needs to engage in physical activity. Summer camps give kids the opportunity to do just that. The kids get to run, jump, play, and engage in sports-based activities and stay active.

2. The change of environment boosts self-confidence

It is very refreshing for anyone to change environments for a while, and children need to feel this too. This leads to kids building self-confidence.

3. They become more resilient

Because many summer camps focus on praising efforts and encouraging kids to push beyond their perceived boundaries, kids will try new things at a summer camp. While this means that they will experience difficulties and even setbacks, they will also build a degree of resiliency. A fun based environment proves to be a sandbox that allows kids to learn from mistakes and grow-up. This is something that every child needs to experience.

4. They improve their social skills

Summer camp is filled with not just children, but a new set of adults for the children to get to know. By sharing this time with their peers, they get to make new friends and cement the bonds to friendships that are already present.

5. They feel like they belong

Good camps foster a close sense of community. When children feel rooted, it helps them develop a sense of security.
Summer camp can be a very rewarding experience for your kids. It will help them develop useful skills as well as create memories and friendships that will last through your child’s lifetime. Go ahead, add to the repertoire of experience and exposure in your child’s life!

Mr Kanak Gupta
VP( Seth M.R Jaipuria Schools)