Collaborative Training at Seth M.R. Jaipuria Schools

Today’s teachers are working in a new landscape that requires them to focus on collaborative learning. Collaborative approach means to co-labour, to achieve common goals, often working across boundaries and working in multi-sector or multitasking. It’s the value of reciprocity. Therefore, the Corporate Office decided to address this need of the hour. The Centralized Training for our teachers working at five different locations was organized at Seth M.R. Jaipuria Schools, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow.

There were 130 teachers from Bansal Campus, Goel Campus-Faizabad Road, Faizabad, Barabanki and Hardoi, who participated in the training. The teachers took the seats of curious learners and their inquisitive efforts transformed into stupendous learning.

The training was conducted from 27th June’16 to 30th June’16. Our team from Corporate Office was there to welcome our teachers at 6:30 am and take them to the world of fitness through a uniquely designed Program- ‘Stress Free Teaching Through Mild Morning Yoga’.

The training module focused on empowering the teachers with the subject specific skills. The first two days witnessed the pre-primary teachers, role playing as little toddlers and then wearing their thinking caps as great intellects. They gradually stepped further to understand what, why and how of Pre-Primary Years, Phonics, Art of Storytelling, how to plan a perfect day in the class and the ideas that work.

The third and the fourth day catered to the Primary and the Middle School Teachers. The Pedagogy in Seth M.R. Jaipuria School focuses on skill development through collaborative learning. This results in the holistic development. This approach was followed in the training session as well. This helped the teachers to understand that collaborative activities are most often based on four principles:

  • The learner is the primary focus of instruction.
  • Interaction and ‘doing’ are of primary importance.
  • Working in groups is an important mode of learning.

Mrs. Promini Chopra, Principal Gomti Nagar School, took them through the slides which gave our teachers an insight as what it takes to create a Great School and build a legacy. The teachers also got an opportunity to appreciate the intervention of technology in the classrooms to build up the concepts in Mathematics and English. This was done through a Demo and hands on given by the ‘Mindspark Technology’.

The Vice Chairperson- Mr. Shreevats Jaipuria, also Schools addressed the teachers, which was followed by a ‘Q&A’ Session. This not only gave a platform to the teachers to interact with the topmost management but also learn that such a transparent environment where everyone is welcome to share their opinions, interact with each other openly and generate ideas can lead to a better and structured learning.

Core or Subject Specific Training Programmes such as this provide a platform where teachers can research more about their specific subjects and become more professional in their respective fields. Teachers’ subject knowledge and expertise ensures that the need of all the students are met precisely. With such collaborative approach, it is ensured that all the participants achieve highly.

These four days saw our teachers learn, interact and achieve a common goal of learning. There were energizers to de-stress, opportunities to interact, exchange ideas and learn the nuances of the specific subjects.

Compiled by
Ms Gauri Singh
Senior Manager ( Academics and training)