Parenting with Positivism : Issue 27

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Oct 2016 . VOLUME 27 ISSUE 27 Tips for raising your superstar with common-sense and Love

How to make a right selection of school for your kid
Every child is unique in so many ways! Each child is like no other, yet having many qualities in common with others. Like a star that twinkles a little differently with each view, your child may appear to be many different people combined into one. Through the still unknown genes and upbringing, your child is a unique combination of capabilities, wants, needs and motives.

Before selecting your child’s school, please consider the following:-

  • Your Child & You
  • Non-teaching Staff
  • Peer Parent’s Opinion
  • Teachers
  • How does school handle Social and Emotional issues
  • Board selection
  • Personal values and preferences
  • Practical considerations
Before selecting your child’s school, please consider the following :
Your child & you

  • It’s completely the parent’s prerogative as to which school they want their ward to go to.
  • A parent must question himself as to “What are my priorities”?Whether you are looking for an Academic oriented or extracurricular based or a combination of both in a school selection.
  • The burning question for a parent is: which quality really matterswhile choosing a school? Which of your child’s quality will help her learn and feel better in some schools? Which of your child’s strength and weakness can be addressed at school, and which can be developed at home?
  • Your search is also based on whether you are a working or a non-working parent.
  • Keeping all these points in mind parents should zero down their search to 4 to 5 schools.
  • You are the best judge of your child’s abilities. So it is a very important task of a parent to give his/her child proper direction from the very beginning.
Non teaching Staff

  • When a parent enters a school premises it is the front office staffwith whom we interact first.Front Office staff acts as a face of the school.
  • General attitude of the school comes out from front office.
  • It is from here we can inquire that whether the school is operationally smooth or not.
Peer Parent’s Opinion

  • Parents of school are the best supportive elements in guiding for school selection. They are the ones whose kids are experiencing the school.
  • It is suggested never to take online review of parents to shortlist a school. Face to face interaction is the best.
  • Parents give a good review as to how the school is functioning and also where all the school calls for improvements.

  • To make a good selection of school parents need to check the quality of teachers employed.
  • At the end of the day, it is the teacher who acts as a mentor molding your child’s future, so if a school employs quality teachers it gives a green signal of a good school.
  • Parents may enquire about the teacher training sessions and workshops conducted. As these keeps a teacher up to date in knowledge and learn the new teaching methodology to train your ward.
How does a school handle social and emotional issues?

  • Parents may talk to the concern authorities regarding the special cases.
  • How well does the school support children with special needs, if your child has a disability, developmental delay, autism spectrum disorder or other need?
  • Make sure that the school has hired counsellors who have expertise in child psychology.
Board Selection:

  • Right from the time when a child starts his/her academics, the dilemma of choosing the board of education becomes a prime concern for parents. The choice of board makes a significant difference in the early development of the child and his/her exposure to the kind of education system that we have.
  • In the Indian education system, two of the most recognised boards of education that one gets to opt for are CBSE and ICSE. One has to note that the two boards are very diverse and hence cannot be clubbed together.


  • CBSE is one of the most preferred boards in India. It follows the national curriculum along with additional subject matter. The CBSE syllabus is very structured, highly predictable and controlled. All national entrance examinations are conducted as per this syllabus.
  • CBSE is more popular in India and it is easy to find a school even if you shift base to a different city. It is recommended for parents having transferable jobs.


  • ICSE has taken in a lot of structures from the NCERT. It is as of now the toughest board examination. ISC (Class XII) is equally difficult to crack owing to its extremely detailed syllabus.
  • The syllabus is more comprehensive, structured and aims to give practical knowledge and build analytical skills in students.
Personal values and preferences

  • Do you prefer public or private education?
  • Do you want your child to have a religious education?
  • Do you need to send your child to boarding school, or are you interested in educating your child at home?
Practical considerations

  • How does the location of the school, cost or difficulty of travelling to and from the school, and public transport options affect you?
  • School-specific factors
  • How big is the school? How many children are enrolled there?
  • What facilities does the school have to support your child’s learning – playgrounds, library, home school support, music programs, clubs etc
  • School communication and connections
  • What opportunities are there for parent and family involvement with the school, and how is the communication between home and the school managed?

Our child’s happiness and learning makes our day, isn’t it? Let’s work together to achieve it. It’s never too late to start thinking about your child and help them be happily learning always. Share what extra you did, to find the best school for your child! Write in to us at [email protected] and we will publish them on our website! For any queries regarding your school search please contact us.We will be waiting to hear from you!