Parenting with Positivism : Issue 24

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JULY 2016 . VOLUME 24 . ISSUE 24 Tips for raising your superstar with common-sense and Love

Importance of a child respecting their teachers.
Teachers impart knowledge, guidance, values, and wisdomto the students. They help in positive transformation of your child. This can happen effectively only when the child trusts and respects the teachers. Parents can play a crucial role in encouraging the children to developthe essential deep respect for the teachers

Don’t criticize the teachers in front of your child

There may be times when you as a parent would disagree with your child’s teachers. Make sure you talk to the teachers in the absence of your child and let them understand your point of view. At home, when you are talking about your child’s education/ school, be careful about choice of words used about the teacher. Criticism made in an informal environment may stay in heart and mind of the child for a long time. Remember, to err is human.

Help children develop confidence in their teachers

The emotional bond with children makes us do things quicker sometimes; and sometimes, makes us react even! Try developing confidence in minds of children for their teacher. One small incident, and sometimes there might be an exaggerated reaction from the kids. Resist ‘reacting’ on it right away. Don’t ask the authorities to change the teacher, just on the basis of what your child says. Sometimes it is very important for you to understand the truth and then react. Don’t complain about any teacher unless you are fully aware of the situation.

Develop confidence in your child’s teacher; help the teacher help you.

Your opinion should not be biased by your child’s opinion

Children may come up with lots of complaints about the teacher, his/her behavior, teaching patterns etc. Before forming your own opinion, find out reasons and discuss with the teacher and your child. It’s easy to get carried away with words and emotions. Help your child develop confidence in the teacher. This will help your child to trust the teacher and have open communication rather than complain about his/her teacher.

Remember- you are all working on the same side- working towards holistic development of your child.

Discourage children from talking disrespectfully about teachers

Would you, as an adult, like being the target of being spoken about disrespectfully? No, right? Neither would any teacher! Don’t encourage your child calling nick names, making fun of dressing sense, looks, mannerisms et al of a teacher. Help your child focus on the role teacher plays in his life to mould him/her into a good human being. Using nicknames and talking disrespectfully behind someone’s back is one of the most undesirable behavior of a human being.

Make sure you inculcate good habits in your child

Understand your child’s teacher yourself

Be in touch with your child’s teachers; understand their philosophy, way of teaching, approach to students etc so that together you and the teacher can work towards transforming your baby to a good, responsible and successful human being.

Empathy will go a long way in helping you cognize the teacher.

Let them know the value of showing respect

Sometimes it is necessary to express what you feel. Let your child know how to show respect to his/her teachers by not just mere wishing good morning every day, but a positive smile, comment. A flower on teacher’s day/birthday, a special handmade card on special days will help develop that strong bond between children and teachers. On various occasions and days, teachers always reciprocate with similar gestures by preparing children to shower affection on parents.

You’ll get a lot of respect by giving respect.

If as a parent you try and help your child build strong relationship their teachers, it will help your child in the long run. Remember, the teacher spends a considerable portion of the day with your child. Together, you can help your child truly become more than what you may imagine!

Parent – Speak

Think of your schooldays. Remember, how teachers made a difference in your life.Let your child know about your special teachers and how you used to love and respect them. Share those experiences and we will feature it on our online platform. Write in to us at [email protected] and we will publish them on our website! We will be waiting to hear from you!