Parenting with Positivism : Issue 23

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JUNE 2016 . VOLUME 23 . ISSUE 23 Tips for raising your superstar with common-sense and Love
Do you want to make your child enjoy the process of learning?
Every parent wishes is to see a smile on their child’s face in whatever they do. Have you ever checked if your child is enjoying the process of learning? If your child is achieving what is required at the right time and right manner?
Suggested Activities
Please check out the following activities that will help your child grow up happily to be a successful human being.

Let them know the
importance of concentration

Help them maintain their books and notes carefully

Help them set targets

Help them get better organized

  • Prioritizing their work
  • Keeping a diary and follow time table carefully
  • Devoting time for each task as per the requirements.

Remind them

  • Listen carefully when the teacher is explaining in class
  • Note down main points so that they don’t forget them
  • Ask doubts and questions whenever they arise
  • Understand what is being taught
  • Revise the learned concepts
Tips to Follow
Create Your Own Quality Time. Play with your children.  Trust Yourself
Create Your Read together every day.   Give Them ‘True’ Love
Schedule daily special time. Make it a Time To Learn, Not To Teach  Don’t rush them Into growing up
Encourage parent time.  Nurture their natural curiosity
Make warm memories.   Provide A Supportive And Loving Atmosphere
Be a Good Role Model  Maintain a friendly relationship
Know the Best Ways to Praise 
Parent – Speak

Think of your childhood. If they had been memorable, make them memorable for your children also. Had they not been worth remembering, ensure that it does not happen with your children. Each parent may have a unique experience to share regarding how they helped their child to grow up to a happy child. Share those experiences and we will feature it on our online platform.

Write in to us at [email protected] and we will publish them on our website! We will be waiting to hear from you!