Parenting with Positivism : Issue 22

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May 2016 . VOLUME 22 . ISSUE 22 Tips for raising your superstar with common-sense and Love

Vacation Time

Vacations are meant for learning and having fun. They are not meant to sit at home and do nothing. Make each vacation memorable for the child. Parents should, as far as possible, plan their own vacations to coincide with that of the children, so that the whole family can enjoy it together. Plan a schedule to visit new places and people, depending on the weather and your financial constraints. Keep in mind that there are many beautiful places in your own state, to see which; foreigners spend lot of money to visit. Make this vacation a unique experience of fun, frolic and learning.

Suggested Activities
Help your child develop self-reliance, taking responsibility and problem solving which will make them better individuals.
Encourage your child to form groups of friends and enact a play and have story telling sessions.
Make the child aware or his role in the family and society.
Teach them to nurture plants and take care of animals.
Help your child nurture his creativity by starting a new hobby.
Make your child feel important by spending time with them and paying attention to their needs.
Tips to deal with the summer heat
Dress the kids in loose, lightweight and light-colored clothing.
Schedule outdoor activities carefully, for morning and evening hours.
Stay cool with cool showers or baths.
Seek medical care immediate if your child has symptoms of heat-related illness.
Keeping well hydrated is very important.


Think of your childhood vacations. If they had been memorable, make them memorable for your children also. Had they not been worth remembering, ensure that it does not happen with your children. Each parent may have a unique experience to share regarding how they helped their child to have a good vacation.

Share those experiences and we will feature it on our online platform. Write in to us at [email protected] and we will publish them on our website! We will be waiting to hear from you!