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NOV 2015 . VOLUME 16 . ISSUE 16 Tips for raising your superstar with common-sense and Love
Let your Child Be A Child.
The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are.
– Jim Morrison
It’s not easy to let our kids be less than perfect. The day we become parents it’s astonishing to see the fire hose of judgment directed at moms and dads by our culture. There are at least three unwritten rules of parenting (which are also total myths) that stand in our way. Jaipuria School Parenting with Positivism
  • You have complete control over your child’s development – and if you don’t, you’re doing something wrong.
  • You can never do enough, or be enough as a parent.
  • Your child’s success, or failure, defines you.

It’s a curious thing, this need of parents to rush their children. We always want the best for them, and we get caught up in this trap that our child has to be better and smarter than every other child. What are some ways to speed the process along? Teach them to read at a year old! Sign them up for competitive chess at age 3! Fill their summers with camps that promise unparalleled enrichment! May be ‘Yes’! For few it may work but certainly not always. It is fantastic when children develop a true passion for a sport or any other extracurricular activity, but when the primary motivation comes from the outside, the child’s sense of self is hindered.

Jaipuria School Parenting with Positivism Some children start recognizing the letters at the age of 2 which they are supposed to know by the age of 4. Excellent! But who says that those who are not able to do so are less smart. The only thing it tells you for sure is that the parents are motivated to push the child. It really doesn’t say much about the child.

When my child was little, I heard other parents (parents of children older than mine) say, “What’s the rush?” In my ignorance (or arrogance), I thought, Well, they just don’t understand or care that their child be the best she can be. I have learned so much in my (almost) 9 years as a parent! I’m now the one saying, “What’s the rush?” It’s true, what meaningful advantage will your child have by learning everything a little bit sooner? And do you want to run the risk of burnout by age 6?

More the point, there is nothing that a child misses academically or being pushed to sports till she is developmentally ready. Children today are real smart. They are picking up well from their surroundings.

But do we really want them to miss out on jumping into the mud puddles, making the paper boat, hog on the candies, play hop scotch, decorate their dolls and mess around with the colours. When we recall the fond memories of our childhood like ringing the door bells of the neighbours and doing the sudden disappearance act or may be stealing those few extra minutes of playtime by simply ignoring mother’s yell, transforming a clean wall into a messy piece of art or those innumerable hours of playing ludo or carrom. These are the moments which we profoundly remember. Then why put these shackles on the young imaginative minds and instruct them with the Do’s and Don’ts of becoming an Einstein or maybe Beckham.

When they are pre schoolers, they are still figuring out the world. When they are in their Primary classes, they are learning to play imaginatively (and think critically).

Let the child develop naturally, and you’ll be sure they don’t skip over any critical developmental phases.

It is very important a child remains a child; there is no hurry to make her into an adult because you can’t reverse it later. They will learn at their right developmental age. They will fill in their notebooks, cram spellings and tables, they will surely become Indian Idols or Dancing Superstars but remember that they
Happy Childrens’ Day
Jaipuria School Parenting with Positivism


Our children’s happiness makes our day, isn’t it? Let’s work together to achieve it. It’s never too late to start thinking about your child as a child. Share pictures of you with your child- those WOW moments we’ll feature it on all online platforms!

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