Parenting with Positivism : Issue 13

Aug 2015 . VOLUME 13 . ISSUE 13 Tips for raising your superstar with common-sense and Love

Is it wrong to say- virtual technologies are becoming surrogate parents?

Children are getting addicted to gadgets. Useful or harmful- still remains debatable. But too much of anything is bad for sure.

Enter any restaurant you will find kids entertaining themselves with the help of electronic gadgets like smart phones or tablets. Any such place which requires some amount of waiting, kids are sure to snatch the latest technology from their parent’s hand and there it goes….the most intense concentration, the unwillingness to speak and listen and the worst of all…you dare not try to snatch it back as you are sure to get those disgruntled looks.

But as our kids bend their heads and play subway surfers and ignore the world passing them by, meanwhile we must ponder that, is there any harm in buying ourselves some time? Are we raising up a generation of impatient kids who cannot be kept distracted? How do the gadgets affect their young minds?

Children whose childhood is stolen by gadgets lack physical activity in all respects.

Tips to avoid over indulgence in these gadgets


Set a time limit on gadget use

Monitor their use and check downloads
Set control on internet usage, so that the kids get to see only the safe or permissible content
Not all apps are about gaming. Do some research on educational yet entertaining apps available.
Avoid being glued to your gadget in front of the children all the time
Encourage board games
Encourage them to carry books for long journeys, flights or restaurants. Stay involved with them. Devise games to keep them occupied and play it with them.
Discuss with your children the health consequences of spending too much time on electronic devices at the expense of physical activity, such as swimming in the pool. If they know that sedentary activities have real health consequences, even at their age, they may be more motivated on moving.
Have a family meeting to decide together what the right mix of time is for your electronic devices versus physical activities. It is important to make kids part of the decision making process.
Children need to live through their senses and since the natural world of primary source of sensory stimulation, freedom to explore and play with the outdoor environment through the senses in their own space and time is essential for healthy development. Therefore, natural surroundings play a vital role and kids when pushed to spend more time in parks, woods, lakes, hills etc. are sure to enjoy in the nature’s lap.
Tell your children stories about the special childhood places and games. Your children will be highly motivated and will certainly try to incorporate the same. Don’t forget, children mimic their parents.
Adopt ‘The Sunny Day’ rule. If it’s a beautiful day out, there’s no excuse why your children should grow roots on the couch. Make them go outside and build something. Even on the rainy days, you can show them the joys of puddle stomping, ditch damming or paper boating.
Invite nature in your backyard. Build a birdhouse or replace plants along with your child. This will help them to pick up gardening subtly.
Engage grandparents. They usually have more free time. They may tell them old world stories or talk about their childhood. The values which can be passed by grandparents can never be given by a video game.


Children need to learn with technology. The future is full of tech and apps and gadgets. Keeping kids away from it will not help their educational growth. However, they need to know how much is too much. Children need to know how to use technology responsibly. It is not unhealthy as long as it’s monitored and as long as limits are set. Surely, there are some benefits of early gadget adoption. The major one lies in the educational opportunities for children.

Parent – Speak

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