Editors Note June Issue

Dear Readers,

The schools are now open after vacations and children have settled down in a bigger class and are feeling a little grown up. Teachers have brushed up their knowledge are eagerly looking forward to impart them to the little geniuses.

Hope you all had read our vacation newsletter and the tips which we gave you and made the vacation time enjoyable for you and the children. If that is so, the kids are now enjoying being with their friends again and learning new things. Let us make this year a good and enjoyable one for them.

Teachers should take pride in their pupil doing well and growing up as productive citizens of the nation. Parents should take care that their wards grow up with positive attitude and in an environment free of stress. Let us also take note of the importance of reducing weight of school bags.

All the very best for a wonderful academic year ahead.

Mrs Beena Nair
Academic Head, Seth MR Jaipuria Schools