Editors Note July Issue

Dear Readers
“A teacher is never an ordinary person. Construction and destruction can be produced in his lap.” This quotation by Chanakya shows the power of teachers and teaching. Teaching is a very important activity on which the foundation of any nation and culture is built. Teaching not only shows the right path that the students should follow but also prepares the human resource for development of the nation. It has a great impact in the grooming of the next generation.

Teachers are sometimes stressed with over load of work like syllabus completion, exams, correction work, remedial teaching, skill development in students, etc. The stress may adversely affect teaching effectiveness of the teachers and lead to poor learning process in the classroom.

Teachers should find out ways to remove stress and anxiety.

Seth M.R Jaipuria teachers are trained to start their day with mild yoga leading to a stress free teaching environment.

Happy Reading.

Beena Nair
Seth MR Jaipuria Schools