Editors Note August Issue

Dear Readers,

August was indeed a busy month with. Rio Olympics, Independence day and so on…

Due to Indian way of life, sports and games are being sidelined in most schools. We feel that our children should become doctors, engineers or rocket scientists to succeed in life! Sachin Tendulkar, PV Sindhu, Sakshi Malik and Dipa Karmakar have shown an alternative career path. Development of a sound body would positively contribute towards shaping of the child’s personality. It is well known only a sound body can boast of a sound mind. To achieve this, sports and cultural activities should be actively pursued by the children.

To achieve this goal, the Jaipuria Corporate Office had planned to integrate sports and academics whilst the Olympics was going on. A carefully designed structure and activities was shared with all schools.

You will get a glimpse of the activities done at schools in the next issue of this News- letter.

“To me, freedom means each moment, of each day, of every year, I can do all things that I desire. To me, freedom means being able to show sadness, happiness, and anger. To me, freedom means feeling safe, confident and secure in my country. Peace means enjoying this freedom to the fullest. Freedom is being able to have a voice and to let it be heard. To me, peace allows having the right to make my own decisions and choices. Peace allows me to pray to and worship the God of heaven. Peace allows me to love. To travel. Peace allows me to obtain the things I want and discard the things I don’t. For all the men and women who fought for my freedom I do greatly appreciate you, and what you have sacrificed for me and the people of this great nation. For freedom sakes, I want to ensure that we give peace a chance. To me, giving peace a chance means a promise that I can live my life, not merely exist.”

By organizing a unique competition “ Give peace a chance” Jaipuria students were given a chance to express themselves though the medium/canvas they were comfortable with.

Please check out the various thoughts and expressions that our students shared.One feels reassured that we will have a peaceful world when these students become leaders of the nation tomorrow.

Happy Reading.

Beena Nair
Seth MR Jaipuria Schools