Editors Note April Issue

Dear Readers,

A new academic session has started and kids, teachersand parents must be working hard to settle down and continue the good work done during the previous session. It is interesting to note that children spend more of their waking hours at school than anywhere else. School and friends become an extension of their family and the children should enjoy being there.

Schools should be made one of the safest and enjoyable places for kids. It has been seen that some schools have problemslike bullying and theft, which make them less suitable for imparting quality education. These issues make students and teachers feel less safe, and make it harder for students to enjoy the process of learning and for teachers to impart education. Teachers and parents need to work jointly to keep the school free of such malaises and make going to school a safer and more valuable learning experience for their children.

Ask your children if they are bullied at school orif they see anyone being bullied.Find out if anything else makes them feel uncomfortable. Look for warning signs such as a sudden drop in performance, irritability or any signs of depression.

Children should be taught to resolve problems mutually without fighting. Parents should take care not to get involved in childlike fights especially in front of the kids. Talk to them about other ways to resolve an issueby talking it out, walking away or seeking advice of a trusted adult. Enquire about the safety and emergency plans for your children’s school.

In Seth M.R Jaipuria schools, safety of students is taken care as utmost priority. The fool proof processes and systems are well planned considering this fact.

Right from playgroup onwards, students are educated and made aware about safety and danger. Children are our precious assets.

Let them stay safe

Beena Nair
Academic Head
Seth M.R Jaipuria Schools