Editors Note

Dear Readers,

All of us want to see happy and smiling children around us.

When schools create state of the art infrastructure, adopt most advanced technological aids, adapt modern pedagogy in teaching and training, do they give a thought whether it is going to make children successful and happy? Are these developments engaging children in activities which interest them and aiding their natural growth?

All educators know that the atmosphere within a school contributes as much to the success and happiness of the student as the curriculum.

The challenge of creating a positive atmosphere transcends the debate of whether our schools need to become more goals oriented and more accountable for their results. It is about making school a place where children feel stimulated, where they work hard but enjoy it, where achievement is the product but not the sole objective.

The creation of a positive atmosphere conducive to learning is the joint responsibility of the professional and the parent communities.

I want to make two points:

Firstly, while the responsibility to create a happy environment in school is that of the professionals, parents have a significant role to play.

Secondly, making the school a happy place is as much as worthwhile pursuit as developing the school curriculum.

Making school an enjoyable place to be in and learning a fun thing to do should be more important than making profits.
Let us resolve together to nurture happy children growing up to be good citizens of India.
Mrs Beena Nair
AGM( Academics),Jaipuria Schools